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How Explainer Videos Transform User Understanding of Tech

March 10, 2024

How Explainer Videos Transform User Understanding of Tech

They have this knack for breaking down the most intricate tales into stories even your grandma would get hooked on. That’s the magic of explainer videos.

Ever wondered why some tech products become user favorites while others languish in obscurity? 

It’s all about making connections. Just like at your imaginary party, where your friend makes complex tales accessible and engaging. 

Similarly, explainer videos for tech have the power to turn your tech product into the star of the show. 96% of people watch an explainer video to understand tech products, according to Wyzowl.

The challenge, though, is crafting these digital narratives in a way that’s as relatable as they are engaging. 

Essentially, tech product communication ensures that your product doesn’t end up being the one friend, hovering awkwardly by the snack table. But rather, the one around whom everyone gathers, eager to listen and learn.

We’ll Tell You Who to Invite

Pangolin’s mission is to spotlight how explainer videos, akin to a charismatic party-goer, can charm the socks off anyone. We turn complex, eyebrow-furrowing tech concepts into the talk of the town. 

For that, you must create a guest list to know the target audience. This will ensure explainer videos prove effective in simplifying complex technology and engaging tech users. 

They’ll no longer just be background music but the main melody that captures everyone’s attention. Like that friend with the guitar who loves to sing. 

So first, let’s set the scene. We have to understand why you’re struggling to hit the right social notes. 

Then, we’ll analyse, stepping into the rhythm of why and how explainer videos for tech can transform tech’s intricate compositions into catchy tunes that everyone can hum along to.

And because at Pangolin we believe in transparency, we’ll share the secret behind crafting explainer videos that explain and enchant. It ensures your tech product communication becomes the life of the party, not just another guest. 

So, grab your party hat (or your notepad), and let’s explore how to make your tech product the one that gets everyone talking.

What’s Wrong With My Party?

At every party, you’ll find a few guests clinging to the shadows. In B2B SaaS, if this happens to your tech product it means your stories are too complex for the average attendee to grasp. 

Despite groundbreaking features, your product may be admired from a distance but seldom approached.


B2B SaaS Explainer Video

Your product should invite even the most tech-averse guest to engage with it.

The gap between the complexity of tech products and the user’s understanding is not just a small leap over a puddle. it’s more akin to trying to vault over a moat without a running start or a pole.

In this context, your key challenges unravel like a poorly planned party game:

Simplifying Complex Technology

Imagine introducing quantum computing at a backyard barbecue. The concept is brilliant but out of place. 

The challenge lies in understanding tech products and translating these high-concept tech themes into relatable narratives. It’s about finding the right tune that resonates with everyone, from the tech-savvy to the novices who think “Python” is just a type of snake.

Improving User Engagement Strategies

Now, consider the dilemma of engaging guests with a story about cloud computing without their eyes glazing over like a donut. 

It’s more than about capturing attention. It’s about keeping it and making the conversation engaging. This requires a delicate balance: too technical, and you lose them, but too simplistic, and you insult their intelligence.

Communicating Effectively

Here’s where many tech narratives hit a snag. Picture trying to explain the intricacies of blockchain with the noise of a bustling party in the background. 

Without clear, effective communication, your message is drowned out by the cacophony of competing conversations. No matter how hard you try, the essence gets lost in translation.

Building User Confidence

Finally, instilling confidence and engaging users in tech is the same as getting party-goers to try a dance they’ve never heard of. 

They’re intrigued but hesitant, fearing they might trip over their own feet. The goal is to guide them onto the dance floor with assurance, showing them the steps so clearly and engagingly that they can’t wait to join in. 

Understanding tech products and this party of complexities requires more than just a snazzy bow tie or a flashy dress. 

It demands an event manager capable of translating and simplifying complex technology into the universal language of clarity and engagement. 

What Does My Party Need?

Why do some tech concepts end up being the equivalent of party guests speaking in riddles? 

And what ripple effects does this have on user experience in tech and product success? Well, at the part you might be trying to keep a secret from certain guests, but in B2B SaaS surely you’re not. 

Your tech product communication must be clear. Because you want the audience to understand exactly what the product is and how it can help them in a matter of minutes.

80% of customers start deciding on purchases after watching an explainer video.

Everyone Is Invited

Why is it that tech talk often sounds like it’s coming from a mysterious order of techno wizards? 

At its core, the tech world is brimming with innovation, a realm where ideas orbit so high, they sometimes escape the gravitational pull of everyday comprehension. But it isn’t just about using big words. 

it’s about a fundamental mismatch between the creators’ deep immersion in their field and the layperson’s surface-level acquaintance.

The Domino Effect on User Experience in Tech

When engaging users in tech, you must not speak in tongues which results in a mix of awe, confusion, and, unfortunately, disengagement. It’s akin to watching a magician perform a spellbinding trick but with no clue why it matters. 

The result? Users admire from afar but lose interest, affecting the overall user experience in tech.

The Impact on Product Success

Here lies the crux of your issues: not understanding tech products usually results when you fail to communicate effectively. It can affect your position and perception in the market. This disconnection dims the spotlight on potentially revolutionary tech and throttles the journey to market success.

Take Our Advice, Plan Accordingly

Explainer Videos

As we scan your party and the room, we notice a few trends making the rounds:

  • Simplification is the New Black: The trend towards making complex tech more accessible is gaining momentum, with explainer videos for tech leading the charge.
  • Engagement through Storytelling: Stories are the lifeblood of any party. In tech, storytelling transforms obscure concepts into relatable narratives.
  • Visuals Speak Louder than Words: Industry sages argue that a well-crafted visual can convey what paragraphs of text cannot. This makes complex ideas seen and felt.

By understanding these underlying causes and their broad implications, we can help you plan the party better. In other words, we’ll ensure your tech stands out in the market with explainer videos. 

They act like an interpreter, translating exactly what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

Let’s Take Your Party Up A Notch

If your party was turning out to be a snore, Pangolin waltzes in with explainer videos. This will turn even the most intricate tech topics into engaging narratives. 

No longer will people steer away from your product if the tech product communication is clear. In fact, they will want to know the interesting tales and solutions, you can offer. 

Here’s how Pangolin’s approach and user engagement strategies enhance user understanding, ensuring every guest leaves the party not just entertained but enlightened.

Pangolin’s Approach: The Party Whisperer

Think of explainer videos as that friend who knows exactly how to tell a story, making even the most complex plots enticing to everyone in the room. 

Pangolin crafts digital narratives with a blend of clarity, charm, and wit, ensuring that effective tech explanations can make even the most sophisticated tech concepts feel like they’re part of everyday conversations. This amplifies the user experience in tech. 

It’s about turning “What on Earth is that?” into “Oh, I get it now!” moments. 

This makes these videos the perfect bridge between groundbreaking tech and the everyday user.

Strategies for Effective Tech Explanation

Creating a compelling explainer video is much more than just having a good story. You must tell it in a way that captivates and holds the audience. 

Here are a few strategies from Pangolin’s explainer video playbook:

Embrace Simplicity with Elegance 

The magic lies in distilling complex ideas into their simplest form. This means choosing words that resonate with all, using analogies that light up bulbs of understanding, and steering clear of jargon.

Visuals That Speak Volumes 

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a well-crafted animation? That’s a whole library. The key is to use visuals that complement the narrative, adding layers of understanding. 

Visual metaphors can turn abstract concepts into tangible, memorable images.

Brevity with Impact 

Time is of the essence, particularly when using explainer videos for tech. The goal is to weave your narrative with enough vigor that it keeps the audience glued till the very end. 

Think of it as the difference between a draggy monologue and a captivating elevator pitch. Both might convey the same message, but one leaves you craving more while the other has you looking for the nearest exit.

Emotional Connection Before Effective Tech Explanation 

We start with the why before getting to the how. If the audience feels an emotional tie to the story, they’re more likely to stay for the grand reveal. It’s about tapping into the human element—making them laugh, think, or even feel a tad nostalgic.

The Elegant Invitation 

Before guests leave your party, keep them coming back for more. End not with a goodbye but an invitation to explore further. Give them a gentle nudge toward the next step, whether it’s 

  • Learning more about a product 
  • Signing up for a trial 
  • Sharing the video

Why Explainer Videos Are the Life of the Party

Explainer Videos

The advantages of integrating explainer videos, for simplifying complex technology, into your communication strategy are as clear as the difference between a cassette and a pen drive. One is remembered fondly, just as a memory, while the other is used daily. 

Here’s Pangolin’s “4 Core Lore” that you can hum at the next tech party. 

Clarity Amid Complexity 

By breaking down daunting tech concepts into digestible pieces, explainer videos act as a clarity catalyst, turning “Ah, what?” moments into “Aha!” ones. This clarity is the first step towards embracing and simplifying complex technology.

Engagement That Sticks 

Through storytelling and visual engagement, explainer videos capture the audience’s attention from the get-go. It’s about creating a narrative so compelling that viewers feel part of the journey, eagerly following along from problem to solution.

Conversion through Understanding 

With a deeper understanding comes a greater likelihood of conversion. When engaging users in tech they must grasp the value and functionality of a product. This makes the decision to engage further a no-brainer but, only if, tech product communication is spot on. You can, therefore, effectively improve the user experience in tech. 

Memorable Content for Lasting Impressions 

A well-executed explainer video doesn’t fade into the background noise of digital content. It lingers in the mind, creating lasting impressions that keep the product at the top of the market. More importantly, it becomes easy to recall and recommend.

The true power of explainer videos lies in their ability to demystify, engage, and convert. Pangolin’s effective tech explanation ensures every product has the chance to shine in the spotlight, much like the most charismatic guest at the party.

Ready To Transform Your Party?

Let Pangolin’s explainer videos be your tech product’s ticket to the spotlight. 

Contact Pangolin for a consultation and watch your product become the story everyone wants to hear. Turn complex tech into captivating stories through effective user engagement strategies.