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Worried About Brand Stagnation? Try Explainer Videos Today

February 20, 2024

Worried About Brand Stagnation? Try Explainer Videos Today

Do you know how much B2B brands are expected to spend on advertising this year? By the time you think of an answer, your competitors will have launched new marketing campaigns.

We will save you the trouble. It’s $37.7 billion.

In the world of technology, advancements are fast, and staying relevant is the key. It’s like a high-stakes Formula One race. One moment you’re at the forefront, and the next, you’re scrambling to find a driver because Lewis Hamilton has gone to Ferrari. 

But why must you hurry? Every sector is evolving, you already know your competitors are evolving, and you need to stay ahead to beat them. What’s the secret here?

Well, when you’re so focused on outlasting competitors, you often forget about refreshing brand presence. This leads to brand stagnation and a slow death. 

You don’t even realise you were driving with a leak and pretty soon you’ve fallen behind the pack. 

You Need A Pit-Stop Crew

For CMOs and Marketing Directors, brand rejuvenation should be, and is a daily battle. Remember the billions of dollars brands are spending? That’s the cost of staying relevant.

Because the cost of fading into oblivion is immeasurable. 

The quest for brand rejuvenation becomes as critical as finding the right words in a client meeting. Much like clients, the audience doesn’t have time to wait patiently and understand complicated narratives. 

Combating brand stagnation isn’t just about keeping up. It’s about leading the charge, setting trends, and making your competitors wish they were as cool as you.

The answer lies not just in innovation but in how you communicate it. This is where the magic of explainer videos for tech comes into play

You can turn the complex into the compelling, and transform the mundane into the engaging for tech brand engagement. Basically, you can participate in simplifying tech messaging faster than Max Verstappen’s faster lap.

Okay, that may be an exaggeration but you get the point.

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But My Formula One Car is Fine

In 2022, 87% of marketers said that they get good ROI on videos. Since then, that figure has increased to 92%, according to Wyzowl. 

Brand rejuvenation is the racing equivalent of showing up to a new season with a slightly improved car because you think it’s a timeless classic. It’s only later that you realize that other teams have made considerable changes. 

It takes several years to rise to the top. But only a second’s ignorance to throw it all away.

Once the talk of the town for its innovation, has your tech brand begun to blend into the background? This poses a significant risk to tech brand engagement and your ability to connect with your audience.

Let’s break down the pain points of not refreshing brand presence, shall we?

Ferrari Was A Great Team

Don’t let the audience become nostalgic about your brand while living in the present. 

It requires constant attention and skill to evolve your messaging and product to combat brand stagnation. Without keeping pace with market trends and audience needs your brand can feel as outdated as a flip phone in today’s smartphone world.

Do We Love Ferrari?

For all the good things that you do, if you can’t captivate the audience they will have their doubts. 

With attention spans shorter than a sprint race, tech brand engagement requires content that’s informative and compelling. You can also throw in a plot twist at the end – just ask Lewis.

What Is Ferrari Doing?

In an industry teeming with jargon, simplifying tech messaging is crucial. 

It’s about making your innovations understandable to not just the tech-savvy but also to non-industry folks. After all races at Brazil are more exciting than at Monaco’s complicated track.

Make Ferrari Great Again

Refreshing your brand image is more than just slapping on a new logo or color scheme to combat brand stagnation. 

You still see a red car and think Ferrari. But tech brand engagement is about refreshing brand presence in the competitive tech landscape. It’s the difference between being a one-hit wonder and a revolutionary.

I’m In the Lead. No One’s Catching Up

tech explainer videos

Just when you think you’re comfortable, brand stagnation sneaks up on you. 51.7% of global interest users use the internet to watch videos, so marketers who didn’t use video as a marketing tool are changing their strategy.

This reluctance or delay in embracing new directions leaves brands speaking fluent “outdated,” a language today’s customers hardly understand. And before you know it, Red Bull has snuck up on the rearview mirror, overtaking Mercedes to lead the race.

Another major drawback is ineffective communication strategies for brand rejuvenation. In the tech world, sticking to old messaging tactics is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole – frustrating and futile.

I’m Falling Behind, Help! 

Enter the knight in shining armor: visual communication in tech and storytelling in brand marketing. 

If content is king, consider visual communication in tech as the emperor of engaging the tech-savvy crowd for combating brand stagnation. It’s not just about adding pretty pictures. Tech brand engagement about using visuals to break down complex tech concepts into “aha” moments. 

You can make the complex accessible and enjoyable.

More Power Please

Visual storytelling in brand marketing doesn’t just convey information. It sparks conversations. 

You can make investors and a non-technical audience go from “How does this work?” to “Wow, I need this in my life!”. But don’t confuse it with merely simplifying tech messaging. 

It’s a journey where every infographic, video, and meme is a breadcrumb leading to your brand.

Let’s Go! 

The magic of simplifying tech messaging through visual communication in tech lies in its ability to transform abstract, often bewildering tech jargon into relatable, engaging narratives. 

Customers will see how your genius tech product is changing the market and providing real value. For investors, it’s even simpler – getting better ROI for their money. 

So, you have to hit the sweet spot between delivering information and making the content engaging. Knowing when to brake is as important as going fast in brand rejuvenation. 

Lights Out! And Away We Go

96% of marketers told Hubspot they plan to either maintain or increase their video marketing budget. But what’s the rush?

As the Formula One drivers get racing, you’ll notice that all the cars are crowded together, trying to take the lead coming out of the first turn. In other words, they are trying to stand out from the crowd. 

How Do I Speed Ahead?

Explainer videos for tech combine audio and visual communication in tech to explain concepts in a way that’s easy to digest and helps refresh brand presence.

Hubspot’s research shows that in 2023, the average person spent 17 hours per week watching online videos. If that’s not a mic drop moment for the case of explainer videos, what is?

Okay, Lewis. It’s Hammer Time

Pangolin’s approach to creating explainer videos is about blending technical knowledge with creative storytelling in brand marketing. We can take brands from the brink of stagnation to the doorstep of triumph.

As a famous quote goes – “You’re either on the precipice of heartbreak or on the cusp of history.” 

What Makes Us a Good Pit Crew?

Pangolin crafts explainer videos for tech that are informative, captivating, and help in refreshing brand presence.

Technical Knowledge 

Our team doesn’t just ‘get’ tech. We know it. That’s why we can help everyone understand what you’re trying to convey as a brand. We translate complex tech concepts into everyday language, without taking away its essence, so your audience can understand your message at the end of a short video.

Creative Storytelling in Brand Marketing

We are armed with the power of storytelling in brand marketing, thanks to our experience in the field. Our team knows that every tech brand has a story—a saga of overcoming odds, of innovation, of changing the world. 

We tell your story, in your words, choosing the right principles, compelling visual communication in tech, and narrative frameworks that stick.

Take a Test Run

professional videos for business

We know that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to brand identity and goals. So, we can adjust our strategies like drivers changing tyres based on the conditions.

Understanding Brand Identity

Before the first script is penned or the first frame is storyboarded, Pangolin dives deep into the essence of your brand. 

  • What makes you tick? 
  • What’s your brand’s personality? 
  • If your brand were a person, what kind of coffee would it order? 

Basically, we get to know you that well.

Aligning with Brand Goals 

Just as Ferrari wanted Lewis Hamilton desperately, Pangolin needs to understand your goals. 

  • Increasing awareness? 
  • Simplifying a new product launch? 

Whatever your goals, we plot the course, ensuring the explainer video aligns and amplifies your objectives.

In the end, our unique approach to explainer videos for tech makes your brand’s core message resonate with your audience. We can transform viewers into followers, and followers into evangelists. 

And we do it with a blend of magic and logic that’s uniquely Pangolin.

Creativity in Storytelling 

Where Pangolin truly shines is our ability to craft narratives that captivate and engage. 

The stories we craft for your brand will help you forge a deeper connection with your customers. We weave your technical information into compelling narratives that connect on an emotional level. 

Pangolin’s goal is to turn viewers into advocates and passive listeners into active participants in your brand’s journey.

Only Ethical Branding 

In today’s world, the “why” behind your brand is as important as the “what.” 

Pangolin is committed to ethical branding, ensuring that your explainer video showcases your product, your brand’s values, and your mission. This ethical standpoint elevates your message, aligning your brand with the growing global demand for responsible and meaningful business practices.

Detailed Insights and Overview

Pangolin’s expertise in performance marketing, means we have the resources and insights that will drive engagement.

Our transparent processes and knowledgeable team will explain 

  • The steps behind making the video. 
  • Why it has been structured a certain way? 
  • How we will connect with the audience?

Our animated explainers ensure users are motivated to take action, which makes this a potent weapon in your storytelling arsenal.  

Giving People What They Want

Have you seen how F1 drivers rev their engines and everyone just goes crazy? We do that for your brand. 

Understanding that the target audience is the true north of any piece of communication. So, Pangolin ensures that every animated explainer video we create is meticulously tailored to resonate with your specific audience. 

This audience-centric approach means we talk to your viewers in a language and style that mirrors their preferences, interests, and needs. 

It’s this deep resonance that transforms a simple view into a meaningful engagement, setting the stage for lasting connections and conversions.

A Bird? A Plane? It’s Your Brand Zooming Ahead

Consider this your personal invitation to a world where explainer videos transform tech jargon into engaging tales of innovation and impact. 

Contact us today to combat brand stagnation, and let us guide you in taking your brand to new heights.