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Struggling to Build Cohesive Messaging? Use Videos

March 10, 2024

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Imagine, you’re planning a holiday and miss out on a truly wonderful destination because another place just looked better. Right? 

It’s the same in the bustling digital bazaar where every brand is shouting to be heard, And those with the loudest voices are standing out even if they aren’t the best. 

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The key is maintaining a consistent brand narrative across platforms, but that can feel like an insurmountable challenge at times. It’s a puzzle that keeps CMOs and Marketing Directors up at night. 

They wrestle with the conundrum of how to ensure their brand’s voice doesn’t get lost in translation from billboards to tweets and everything in between. 

This quest for brand consistency is about avoiding mixed messages and forging a connection that resonates across the digital divide. You need to turn viewers into loyal followers. 

Welcome to the world of engaging brand videos. Here storytelling in brand messaging is an art, acting as the gateway to marketing communication strategy success.

The Destination I Chose Was Fine

That’s exactly our point. Your holiday destination was fine, but it wasn’t the best. And why shouldn’t you get the best when investing your resources? 

An explainer video can deliver clear messaging. And the market perception of your brand will go from “Who?” to “Wow!” faster than you could say “unified brand messaging.”

In the grand chess game of SaaS and B2B marketing, explainer videos in branding is the queen. Why, you ask? 

Because, much like the queen, they move effortlessly in all directions, capturing the attention of anyone who dares to look their way. 

They’re the secret weapon that transforms the densest of tech jargon into a smooth, digestible mousse of information. This ensures that unified brand messaging is a reality across all platforms.

What’s So Great About This New Destination?

In B2B SaaS, engagement is everything to make your brand memorable in the eyes of the audience.

There are thousands of holiday destinations, but why are only some places popular? Is it the history, culture, food, affordable stays? No, it’s the messaging. 

Similarly, when crafting explainer videos every shot, every image, must be designed to work in perfect harmony to tell your brand’s story. 

We’re not just talking about slapping together some flashy animations and a catchy jingle. Oh no, we’re talking about a meticulous orchestration of consistent brand narrative. 

Even the tone of the voiceover artist should be a deliberate choice made to resonate with the very soul of your target audience.

Exploring strategies for integrating key messages into video content is not unlike embarking on an archaeological dig. You sift through layers of brand identity in marketing, product features, and unique value propositions. 

Ultimately, you unearth the golden nuggets of content that will form the backbone of your video. 

I Like The Familiarity of the Old Destination

Did you know that, according to Hubspot, 39% of B2B buyers express frustration with inconsistent brand messaging across different platforms? Yes, you heard it right. 

In the vast, wild savannah of the digital marketplace, companies roam in search of their audience. But one predator lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey: inconsistent brand messaging. 

This cunning adversary has left many companies wandering off their path. Their messages appear disjointed, causing their brand identity in marketing to blur like a poorly photoshopped image.

Such confusion often leads to a condition we like to call Brand Amnesia. In other words, customers forget your brand’s existence faster than their New Year’s resolutions.

Moreover, inconsistent brand messaging can reduce customer engagement rates drastically. Imagine half of your audience turning away because they thought they were engaging with Brand X, only to find out they’ve accidentally wandered into Brand Y’s party. 

The horror.

It’s a full-blown identity crisis that affects customer loyalty, engagement, and ultimately, the bottom line. Companies are left scratching their heads, wondering where they went wrong with their unified brand messaging.

Research Before Travelling

Picture this: You’ve decided to go camping with the family. But when you arrive you find that there are 50 other families crowded into the same place and it’s not even picturesque.

You don’t have privacy or the pleasure of enjoying the scenic beauty while sipping on a cup of warm coffee. And all of this confusion resulted from the information you gathered online. 

The same holds true in your marketing communication strategy. You can’t say one thing and then offer the audience something else. 

This usually happens due to – 

Imagine each department in your company is an island, and the only way to communicate between them is by sending messages in bottles. 

Unfortunately, some bottles get lost at sea, and others arrive with the message smudged. This is the essence of siloed communication – when each team crafts messages in isolation, the brand’s core narrative becomes fragmented.

Navigating the digital world with a consistent brand message is akin to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole… and then a triangular hole, and then an octagonal hole. Each platform, from Twitter to TikTok, speaks its own dialect of the digital language, demanding content customization that often leads to message mutation.

I Don’t Know Anything About The New Destination

Industry trends indicate that video content is soaring like a rocket. 87% of B2B marketers integrate video into their marketing strategies, as per reports from Vidico.

Why? Because if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. 

In the vast cosmos of content, engaging brand videos are the supernovas, outshining the rest with their ability to convey complex messages in an engaging format. Reports from the front lines of marketing suggest that explainer videos in branding have the power to unify brand messaging across platforms. 

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Imagine a consistent brand narrative as a delightful melody that you want stuck in everyone’s head. 

Explainer videos are your top-charting singles, harmonizing the tune across every platform. 

From the high notes on your website to the catchy chorus on social media, engaging brand videos ensure your message sings in perfect pitch, everywhere. 

Innovative? Absolutely. Because nothing says “unified brand messaging” quite like a video that can deliver brand consistency across platforms.

Storytelling isn’t just for campfires and bedtime anymore. It’s at the heart of your brand’s message. 

By scripting explainer videos in branding that stick to the plot, you can weave your brand’s values and vision into every scene. This will make your core message the protagonist of every tale. 

Your brand’s narrative will become as familiar and loved as the theme song to your favorite show.

Your brand identity in marketing is as unique as your fingerprint, and explainer videos should be the megaphone that amplifies it. 

Matching your video’s tone and style to your brand’s personality is like dressing for the job you want. 

It communicates who you are without saying a word. 

Pay attention to the visual and auditory elements to make sure they’re wearing the right outfit for the occasion. After all, you wouldn’t wear flip-flops to a black-tie event, and your video shouldn’t either.

In the vast world of brands, you want yours to be the travel hotspot that catches the eye. 

The one customers go to without thinking twice. Explainer videos in branding can make your brand the first thing that pops into their minds, and more importantly, stays there. 

Use vivid imagery, catchy tunes, and unforgettable taglines to make engaging brand videos –  the kind of content that viewers replay in their heads.

We’re Your Travel Buddy

With every brand vying for the spotlight, Pangolin emerges as the expert with its explainer videos captivating and mesmerising your target audience. 

Have you seen the Sistine Chapel? Every brushstroke of Michelangelo tells a story. 

That’s what Pangolin delivers with explainer videos in branding. We create a symphony of your brand’s core messages, ensuring each frame hits with precision and grace for unified brand messaging. 

Our strategic approach? We guide the visual and narrative elements to grab the audience’s attention within a few minutes with a consistent brand narrative. Then, it’s about retaining their attention and making your brand’s message heard and felt. 

We want to ensure that your audience doesn’t forget your brand anytime soon.

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Pangolin knows the tech landscape is as varied as a box of artisan chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get. But unlike Forrest Gump, we don’t leave it to chance. 

As your travel buddy in your journey of cohesive messaging, we know

  • Where you want to go. 
  • How you want to get there. 
  • How to ensure you have a good time.

Every explainer video enriches your brand’s narrative. In a world where tech can be perplexing, Pangolin’s engaging brand videos simplify, clarify, and demystify, turning complex concepts into captivating tales.

In B2B tech marketing and SaaS, where messages often get lost in translation between what you need and what you get, Pangolin’s explainer videos bridge that gap. 

We help connect your brand with the target audience. Our consistent messaging holds everything together, making the picture complete. 

Ready For Your Next Trip?

Take a moment to ponder over your current brand messaging. Does it sing in harmony or need a bit of fine-tuning? 

If the latter strikes a chord, let Pangolin orchestrate a consistent brand narrative. 

Reach out for a consultation on crafting explainer videos that resonate, engage, and leave a lasting impression.